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The C2C platform dedicated to finding new customers for your e-commerce returns

How It Works

Return applications

Step 1:

Register a return

Your customer registers a return through your normal return management system. We integrate seamlessly with your platform so the customers decision to sell there item on ReeZale is as simple as the push of a button.

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Step 2:

The return is listed on ReeZale

A professional and branded advertisement is generated in seconds and pushed into the marketplace. You set the price and we take care of the rest.

Push notification from Reezale on mobile phone

Step 3:

Potential buyers are notified

Even before the return process begins, we're actively seeking new buyers for your products. Utilizing watchlists, saved searches, and personalized product recommendations ensures swift sales and boosts customer satisfaction for your brand.

Return packages neatly displayed

Step 4:

Returns are collected and delivered

We offer comprehensive end-to-end services, alleviating common headaches associated with C2C marketplaces. Selling on ReeZale is as effortless as returning an item to your store.

Recieving payments on a mobile phone from ReeZale

Step 5:

Everyone gets paid

The Seller is refunded the original purchase price. We collect the payment from the Buyer. The difference is charged to your account.

Our Benefits

Reduced Transportation Cost

By streamlining reverse logistics and processing, our marketplace offers a direct consumer-to-consumer transportation solution, ensuring products are kept in close proximity to consumers. This efficient approach not only slashes costly eCommerce delivery expenses for your business but also minimizes environmental impact. These substantial savings translate into the discounts and competitive pricing the marketplace seeks to offer. By optimizing logistics, we empower businesses to pass on these benefits to customers, driving higher satisfaction and loyalty while promoting a sustainable economy.

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Acquire New Customers

Our marketplace proactively generates consumer interest in your products even before they are returned. Leveraging a blend of proprietary machine learning algorithms and traditional marketing techniques, we precisely identify potential customers who exhibit interest in your products and determine their preferred price points. We meticulously curate these products, aligning them with over 20 metrics, and swiftly notify eager users when matching items become available on our platform. This seamless buying experience ensures heightened user excitement and satisfaction.

Customers waiting in a line

No Integration

Our standalone marketplace offers a turnkey solution, eliminating the need for integration hassles. In our peer-to-peer marketplace, your customers seamlessly transition into sellers. With straightforward and pre-integrated solutions compatible with major e-commerce platforms, you empower your customers to actively engage in fostering the circular fashion economy. No additional setup required—just plug in and play your part in shaping a sustainable future.

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